Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eclips News!!! Have you heard???

Version 2.0 of the software is soon to be released, as a FREE download, and it contains the following updates (excerpt from News item today found on Sizzix.com):
"Leading off, the eclips Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine undergoes its first exciting update thanks to a FREE software download for existing users this fall at Sizzix.com. Some of the more notable enhancements include:*Scoring: Allows eclips designs to be cut with easy scoring lines for simple folds when using the Albums, Bags & Boxes and Cards & Envelopes cartridges.*Drawing with any pen: With the additional purchase of the eclips Pen Holder, crafters can use virtually any felt tip or ballpoint pen in their eclips Machine to draw a shape. The Pen Holder also accommodates glue pens for drawing shapes in glue, allowing crafters to sprinkle on glitter for a truly dazzling look.*Rotate Designs: Rotates shapes for optimal placement on the material to be cut. Changes in orientation can be made in increments of 1 degree all the way to 360 degrees. This feature dramatically saves paper.*Double Cut: In case the shape wasn’t cut all the way through, the eclips will pass the blade over the cut lines again and re-cut the area to ensure easy removal of the shape.*Adjust Height or Width: Customizes the height or width of a design. Especially useful for cutting phrases or images that demand proportionate precision.*Print2Cut: With the purchase of additional software, crafters can use their home computer and printer to design and print any eclips shape and then load it into the eclips Machine for easy laser locating, positioning and cutting.*In addition, ten more cartridges (sold separately) for the eclips Machine will start shipping to retailers this fall. With new cartridges designed by such prominent industry names as Scrappy Cat, Dena Designs and BasicGrey, crafters will be treated to a diverse offering of cutting-edge choices sure to fire up their creative arsenal."
I am so excited to see these updates in action!!


dansar said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks so much for the information you have given on the new sizzix eclips, i have been wanting a machine like this for years.... do not know how safe it is to post out to Zimbabwe... the post here is "Difficult" would be best if I got DHL to my door!!!! thanks so much for all your inspiring pages that you put on your site... love it all.
God Bless,

Kassy said...

I cannot find the print2cut for the eclips. I heard about it but cannot find it anywhere..can anyone help me.
Thank You