Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sizzix Eclips Rumors Abound!!

Have you heard??  An Eclips is coming....from Sizzix that is!  Rumors are flying about cyberspace as to what this new machine called the "Sizzix Eclips" will be.  Personally, I am hoping for a 12" electronic / digital cutter with the ability to cut Sizzix shapes and more.  I've seen alot of speculation that it will be similar to the Gypsy, but I'm not convinced.  Perhaps there will be a handheld component to it, but thus far Sizzix has not released an actual electronic cutting machine, so unless they plan for the Eclips to work with other brands products, I'm thinking they will need to release their own.  So here is what we know so far:
(1)  Sizzix released an ad showing a blackened out picture of the machine (which does look somewhat Gypsy-like) announcing a release date of January 15th.
(2) A Twittering guy named Tanner tweeted on Sept 17th that he was "working on stuff for EClips, the new electronic die cutting machine from Sizzix"
(3) The Trademark application for the Eclips was filed in 2007 by Ellison (so this thing has been in the works for awhile now...a definite good sign that it will be a quality product) and describes the mark for a "machine for cutting images from paper and other materials in sheet form used in personal crafting and child education".  Gotta love public records - I dug that one up myself - don't get too impressed though b/c I couldn't find the patent application (still looking for that one). 
Stay tuned here for more info fellow Die-Cutting Junkies...I'll post as soon as I hear anything else about the Sizzix Eclips!!

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