Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is Around the Corner!

And I'm loving the latest QK release!! Do you have any of the new dies yet? What are your favs? The rainbow is beautiful - I can see so many uses for it. I wasn't sure about the Chick-a-dee font, but it is just oh-so-cute. Here is a layout using the new font together with the new rainbow (weather) die and post of gold:

I've earned another 15 seconds of fame (and a Silhouette download card - woo-hoo) with my Love Bot layout. This was James' Valentine's Day box. He wanted something "Cool" and that is exactly what he made. He said he felt very popular when he brought it to school, because his whole Kindergarten class was checking it out. "Even the first graders loved it," he told me.

Sorry the scan is a bit blurry. I'm having a love-hate relationship with my scanner lately!
BUT I'm totally loving my Silhouette. I used the Robot and Gear download shapes, and added offsets for the shadow/dimensional effect. I'm getting more comfortable with adjusting the blade and I have to say I get a clean cut just about every time. The cutting mechanism is far superior to that of my Cricut, I have to say.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Lessons & 15 Seconds of Fame

Super excited today because this layout got picked to be in the official Quickutz Idea Gallery and it is already up! Woo-Hoo! They accepted 2 other projects as well, but I needed to mail those in to get better scans. So I'm enjoying my 15 seconds of fame today!

Don't you just love those little 'life lesson' moments? Here, my 9 year old son learned the value of work. He spent the better part of the day shoveling the driveway, taking breaks when he got too cold, and heading back out until he got the job done. His whole body was sore the next day, but he was so proud of himself and earned $20. I was so proud too. His comment: Manual laborers should get paid more - LOL!
Click to enlarge:

The fonts used here are QK Banana Split and Chemistry. I also used the QK large photo corner and the Snow Shovel was cut on my Silhouette.
I'm thinking about doing a whole separate scrapbook now just to document these little lessons.

Monday, February 16, 2009


...the new Silhouette software is up and running. I cut this title the day I installed the new software onto my computer. It is very easy to work with and does amazing things. I've only had a little bit of time to work with it, but have thought of endless possibilities with the new features.

Check out this layout - I created a welded star border, then added a shadow. It certainly adds some interest to an otherwise simple layout:

Here are some general software tips that I have discovered so far:
To weld a title, type your text as you normally would for script fonts or other fonts that join together when typed. If you want the letters to be closer together, adjust the space from 0 to a negative number to make the space between letters smaller.
Then you click on the 'weld' button (looks like a green square and circle overlapping towards the upper right of the screen).Now if you are doing a font with independent letters that you want to join, you should make one text box per letter so you can move them around closer to each other and tilt them if you want to make them funky.
Once you have them placed the way you want, highlight all letters and click the 'group' button. Once grouped, click on the 'weld' button described above.
This is easier than titles. Simply add your shapes to the page and connect them at some point. Then group the shapes together by clicking on the 'group' button, and then click the weld button.
A note on welding shapes - if you connect 2 points of a star for example, the weld feature will weld everything between those 2 points - so that you end up with a blob. I asked QK about this issue to see if there was anyway to weld only the connected points, and that is not possible at this time.
This works for regular shapes and titles regardless of welding. Simply 'group' what you want to shadow and then copy it so you have 2 of the same shape. When you copy and paste shapes, the copy is placed right on top of the original, so you will need to separate them. Then select one of the copies, click on the 'offset' button which is the green square button with small red arrows in the far right of the screen.
You can select the type of shadow (rounded, mitered, or beveled), and you can also change the amount of offset by adjusting the offset value and miter limit value.
Hope this helps!!

QK January Release

Ok, Indulge was the word that came to mind with the first January QK Release. The banana split is to die for (no pun intended)!
I cut it in glitter paper so it would sparkle like ice cream. Added a title cut with BossKut Licorice Stick alphabet (one of my new favorites) and voila, indluge card. I'm thinking the inside sentiment could read "You Deserve It" for a congratulations card, or "It's Your Birthday" for a birthday card.
Ok, now I'm hungry.

And of course, I had to post at least one innovation today. This is the 2x2 Ice cream die. I turned the dish upside down for the hair, and set the ice cream a bit out of the dish for the face. Simply tied a bit of fiber around the 'bun' and created a Sumo or Ninja or Samurai head.

Did I mention that we had dinner at a Japanese hibachi steakhouse the night before I created this? Our of sheer coincidence, I received this die in the mail the next day and it was upside down in the case when I opened it. Funny where inspiration comes from!

Love Is In The Air

Ok, I've been a Lame-O Blogger again lately.
Life sure gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it?? I'm so not achieving my one blog a week post goal right now. I promise to post a ton of stuff today to make up for it. That counts, doesn't it? (wink, wink)

Remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it for detail.

Well, with Valentine's Day here and gone, I'm still feeling a bit in that lovin' feeling.
Love that little QK hedgehog! Here I doubled him up and paired the pair with the Rollerskate alpha for super sweet card:

Speaking of love, here is a layout from hubby and my 10th anniversary trip. I used teh damask flourish from the December QK release, and pieced together a couple of cuts to make it longer. The clock is a from Spellbinders die set and I love the whole clock set. Gotta find more uses for them.

Ok, 'moving' on - All aboard the Birthday Train! I used the QK Revolution train die here, adding the #2 candle as a train topper and "birthday" die as a box car. The second layout uses the ultra cool confetti border - adds a lot of pop to an otherwise simple page. This is from my son's toddler album - I love the look on his face eating the ice cream - don't you wish you could just roll back time???

Ok, now here I'm trying to be 'modern' in my layout. My dear husband bought me a subscription to Creating Keepsakes magazine and my layouts always seem so plain compared ot what I see in there. So I kept adding things until I couldn't fit anything else on the page! Ha!
I'm actually happy with how it turned out - lots going on but I used an enlarged photo so it wouldn't get lost on the page. The yellow is not this bright IRL - sometimes the scanner makes me look bad - LOL!

Ok, can you say oh-so-scenic route?! I love those big arrows. A QK nutmeg title and a cut of the Jolly gift set gingerbread people and the page was done. Wicked fast scrapping.

Ok, that's all for now - I'll post more later today.