Saturday, October 18, 2008

QK Magnetic Binder Idea

Well I finally had it with pulling every binder off my shelf when trying to find the one I needed - invariably it would always be the last one I found! So here is the solution I came up with (click to enlarge to see detail):

I simply used my Crop-O-Dile tool to punch a small hole near the top of each spine, and affixed a small black eyelet. I took the photo before I finished labeling so you could see the eyelet on the last three. I cut tags out of white plastic using a sizzix die (gasp!) and labeled each with a sharpie marker. Then I attached the tags to the binders with pink chiffon ribbon since they were going to be sitting next to my pink and black binders on my shelf. Don't they look pretty??

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Scrap-Mart said...

I LOVE that you have albums on your shelves too. Whenever I see pics of scrap rooms - NO albums. I am like that is what takes my the most space - where are they!!!!